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Makes sense to start with, but I think there should be no defaults, but a list from which people can choose what they want as their defaults. I also think this should be implemented as soon as possible before the flood really begins, because it's coming.

Just imagine what a beauty it would be if as soon as you join there is a list of the subVerses, from most to least... even an option to categorize the subs based on a certain topic.

IMHO, The main downfall of Reddit was that there were defaults, so people were being herded into specific locations. It made it way to easy to manipulate.

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No defaults is the overwhelming opinion of people gathering here from what I see.

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I never ever went on a default sub.

I just found my interest in smaller subs.

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I don't know if this is place to put this here maybe I will start another thread.

Why even have defaults?

Let the user base organically curate the content on the website.

I think this would also give fair playing ground to any sub to have potential to reach the front page. We all know that what would be "default" subs will be the majority of the front page all the time, but smaller subs need a chance to shine too.

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Yes. And make me a moderator.

The present mod said it would be okay.

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Roger. I will arrange this in a few hours! Thank you for stepping up!

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If you are still looking for mods, I was a mod of /r/Politics, and would be glad to help here.

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Sounds like a bad idea to me.

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I think there should be no default subs and the home page should be /v/all until you start subscribing to some.

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If there are defaults, yes it should be one.

But it is better not to have defaults, unless they are dynamic automatically chosen defaults.