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Maybe it is just me being on mobile but even when I switch to desktop view when i submit a comment it always goes back to the top of the page. Then I gotta hunt it back down again if I wanna keep reading where in left off.

Awsome site and would you mind if I made your mascot outta lego?

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I would love to see you recreate the mascot out of lego :) Please post pictures :)

Thank you for reporting the scroll thingy. I will open an issue on GitHub for this.

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I will. Dont worry. I made a subverse for lego and legotrade. Trying to get people to try it but they know reddit and dont wanna leave.

Also it dont notify me when other reply to a comment i have to go back and find out if you replied or anyone else.

Will you be adding a messaging feature if you did I haven't figured that out yet.

Keep it up man this I hope will be the next big thing

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Yes, I am aware of this and notifications are a part of private messaging system which is not yet implemented. It may take several weeks to implement that if no other developers join the project, but we'll see :) I'm looking forward to your lego recreation of whoaverse mascot :)

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What's his designation or name. Like reddit is snoo. What is yours?

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It does not have a name :( I tried to name it but I failed miserably. I always hoped people would come up with something that sticks :)

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This is nuts! I never had the chance to play with lego when I was growing up :/

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Lol I did but I had a house fire in 95 and now I am making up for it.

Plus I have a 5 year old so that helps for reasoning.

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Lol. Ok man I really wish I knew more about how to do something with coding. Unfortunately I dont have anything to do with that. I inspect aerial equiptment for a living.

You need a crane inspected I am your guy. Or something related to lego then call me. Lol otherwise I can report bugs. As I found another. When you are at your comment overview and click context it just scrolls to the top of your comment overview page.

And if there was a way to make it so when you clicked on your own name that you didnt go to your settings but your overview that would be nice.

Just me maybe but it would be great.

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Thanks. I just rolled out the change you and some other people requested, clicking on your username will take you straight to your profile :)

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Sweet man thanks for that.

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Hi. Nice work on the site. What are you using to code it with? I've been learning some PHP/MYSQL lately and was just curious.

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C# 58.5%

CSS 35.1%

JavaScript 6.4%

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Some native RES functionality would be amazing, for example the ability to open images, videos, and text without having to open a new window/tab.

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This sounds good, GitHub issue is already open for this one I think: https://github.com/whoaverse/whoaverse/issues/12

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(This was going to be a PM until I couldn't) Thank you for setting up this site, it looks like a great alternative to Reddit. Hopefully more like the Reddit of old!

I commented on a thread about using LegalZoom to create an LLC, but I wanted to message you to let you know that if you need some help you can ask me. I just went through the process, and am very happy that I did. (Sole owner of a Video Production Company, woo-hoo!)

Anyway I am very excited to have found this site while it is still so new, and I'd love to help it start off on some solid footing. I don't know much about coding, but I am into design and layout. If you'd like someone to make variations on your logo, or to help the site establish its own style apart from Reddit, I'm your man!

Thanks again!